Thursday, January 3, 2008


...a whopping $2,950!!!! Way to go fellow Women of Purpose! I am SO proud of us. And the even better news is that we still have money out. I personally know of $650 in checks waiting to get to Overlake! So - $4000 here we come! If you have money out you can... 

 - Take it to the church front desk (in the back of the building) and leave it for Lynne Ellis with a message that says that it is for Women of Purpose 
 - Put it in the offering on Sunday (please make sure that it says that it is for Women of Purpose)  
 - Find me at church
 - Bring it with you to our Women of Purpose meeting on January 20th

I am so excited by what we have accomplished in a short amount of time. It brings me such a deep satisfaction that we are helping women find their God given value and worth and gain their own independence. Thank you ladies!

See you on the 20th!


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