Monday, January 28, 2008

Freedom Stones and Girl Power Hour

Sorry it has taken me a week to write about this great event, but here it goes...
I took on the mission to sell Freedom Stone necklaces at this great women's networking event in down town Seattle "Girl Power Hour." This was a great success! I sold all 10 of the necklaces and all of the money went to help continue this project in Thailand. These necklaces are so amazing and special. They are hand made by a missionary and Thai women who have survived and gotten out of the sex trade and prostitution rings in Thailand. The money goes to help continued support in the mission to provide micro loans, training facilities and safe houses for these women. I am very proud to say that I have helped to get the word out about this project to a group who would have otherwise been unknowing. I was able to speak in front of around 75 women about what Women of Purpose is doing and what the Freedom Stone program is all about. 
Women from all walks of life expressed interest in helping out with our cause. A boutique owner offered to sell the necklaces at her shop for no cost during the month of May. Another women offered up her web design services to help build the Freedom Stone website. I am so thankful to the women who helped out with this. I hope to do many more creative things with Freedom Stones and women of purpose. 
If you would like to place your own order for necklaces, please contact me.

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