Thursday, December 13, 2007

Tronie Foundation Serves Trafficked Women Locally

Hi Ladies!
Have you read about the Tronie Foundation lately in the papers - or seen Rani and Trong on Oprah and PBS? Well, they are from our own backyard! They have an amazing story, both being victims of trafficking and are now working in Washington state to fight trafficking and also to provide shelters for trafficked women. I spoke with Rani by phone and she is excited to find ways our Women of Purpose at Overlake can partner with them. She is also available to come to Overlake sometime to tell her own story. She is currently doing some speaking with Sharon Cohen of IJM. How do you feel about serving victims of trafficking right in our own backyard?!! Check out the link included here to the recent Seattle Times article on the Tronie Foundation and their story :(

Looking forward to your thoughts at our next meeting!


marisabutterworth said...

Thanks for writing this, Kelly! I am excited to have her come and talk to us!

Ashley said...

I would love to here her story!

Ashley said...

I mean "hear" her story ;)