Monday, November 12, 2007

Getting Started

Women of Purpose, a project of World Concern:

Thanks to the dynamic, caring members of Overlake Christian Church in Redmond, WA, a few women have taken on the important process of building a special women-focused Women of Purpose Group. We are the 10th group to spring up in the United States. Women of Purpose is a Project of World Concern, a group based right here in Seattle, WA.

The Women of Purpose project focuses its concern and attention toward women in need around the Globe. With poverty, child trafficking, prostitution, and slavery running rapid the Women of Purpose project seeks to revive healing, opportunity, and freedom to women and children. This is accomplished through education, missions, microloan programs, job training, and shelter and safe house programs.

A few of the women at Overlake Christian Church have decided to band together and become a driving force in the fight against slavery and human trafficking! We are praying about what our role in this fight will be. So far our group is working on getting our website up and running. The website will be a place where people can buy items made from women in impoverished countries. By purchasing these items on our website you are providing these women with an alternative to prostitution. These items will include jewelry, candles and cards. Purchasing these items will also allow these women to maintain their freedom and continue the owning and running their own businesses. On the web site there will also be the option for people to donate funding, co-sponsor fund raising events and get more personally involved with our Women of Purpose group. Our group is hoping to raise $1,000 before Christmas. This $1,000 will allow 10 women to started in own business and intern get out of prostitution in Thailand! We are here to give women a voice, a choice and the right to be free!

We need help and are excited to find strong women who want to join in the fight! If you want to help please contact:
Marisa Butterworth:


Amanda Mae said...

Have you all heard of this origination:

The foundation makes it REALLY easy to hold fundraising and awareness events.

corrieeyejot said...

Thanks Amanda, I will check this out!