Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Last Call for AWAKE!!

OCC's Awake Women's Event is coming up this weekend! We moved the event into a larger room so that you can still have a chance to register but space is filling up fast!

Check out www.occ.org for details or e-mail charlened@occ.org
This event is going to be life-changing (and very not cheesy!) You can also register the night of the event if you are a last minute kind of person. (It starts at 7pm...)

For a preview of our speakers, you can visit;

www.sunbreaksintherainycity.blogspot.com (Jodie Howerton, speaker)

www.onemomtrying.blogspot.com (Neely McQueen, speaker)

www.troniefoundation.org (Rani Hong, speaker)

www.mrssyrup.blogspot.com (Marisa Butterworth, worship leader)

See you all there!

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